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I only fall deeper in love with this song

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I feel great, even though its 4:23 am.

I got to experience my friendship with those at the Tannery

Got to see a clean beach, with odd doo-dads, with My Secret Agent Lover Man

Got to feel the flames of a bonfire late at night

Got to dance with goth kids at The Box

Got to sew some beautiful lace onto beautifully blue shorts

Got to take a soothing bubble bath with sadly soothing opera in the background

Got to read some of Love in the Time of Global Warming

I got this game, I got this life going good

I find myself staying up later and later waking not with the sun but when its already ran far into the sky

Late night thoughts make me wonder

I just wanted to have an experience

a new, wonderful, eye opening experience and I guess I couldnt have that.

but whatever dude

wha-a-a-a-a-at ever.


i just moved more than half my stuff from san hell-say

omigosh omigosh

i feel so happy right now to having a beautiful new start



The most important .gif

#I don’t think the hills are alive anymore


I find myself thrust into a new relationship and it feels so healthy and it feels so good.

but last night I did not protect my heart and opened it up in a way in which it was not ready for.

Now trusting feels hard again. I hate this.

Last night he said, “I like that you have no demons”

but that is not true. I have many. Oh so many, im just good at fighting them.


My heart hurts now. Im scared there might be a demon in there now.

I feel so sad inside. Everything bad is always my own fault because I cant speak up because I get scared!

Feeling feelings all the time, Damn it. I was actually winning this time.

You are soooo pretty with your big eyes! (:

awe thank you so much OwO

oh mi gosh i got to see my old friend wendi and her new boyfriend!

they were oh so so so cute and happy it made me happy

sometime later this month me and my secret agent lover man are going to visit them in LA!


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